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Privacy Policy- May 2018 
Fundamentally FIT Ltd, Company No 08951916

Registered Office 2/4 Ash Lane, Rustington, Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, BN16 3BZ.  

Your Privacy is important to Fundamentally FIT Ltd and we understand that you care about how the information we hold on you is used and shared. We understand that you trust us to act both professionally and with care when handling your data. This privacy policy outlines how we handle our customers data and the steps we take to protect it. This privacy policy also forms part of our terms and conditions.
By accepting our terms and conditions or by viewing, or you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
The 1998 Data Protection Act and the GDPR define how we must handle your data and Fundamentally FIT Ltd has taken steps to protect your data in accordance with this.

Information Collection

Fundamentally FIT Ltd collects data in the following ways:
1. Through our online presence, this may include social media, our website and webinars. This is done via an opt-in where you chose to share personal information with us. This may include but not limited to, email address, phone number, name, address. Clients retain the right to op-out at any time and provisions for this are provided on emails and can be requested by contacting
2. Working with Fundamentally FIT requires certain information to be shared to enable the correct and safe execution of our services. This may include but not limited to, email address, name, date of birth, GP details, medication, phone number, health and fitness goals, blood pressure, weight, food diary and health questionnaires.

we use your Personal Information
1. Personal data is necessary for the safe and effective delivery of our services at Fundamentally FIT Ltd. We shall only use the information for it’s intended purpose as specified by us and for compatible purposes. We shall not retain Personal Data for longer than necessary to fulfil these purposes.
2. We shall not disclose, sell or share your Personal Details with third parties unless we have first gained your consent. This can occur when working with third parties such as GP’s or health care professionals and is done so in accordance with this policy.

Protection of Your Personal Data
1. All electrical devices where sensitive details might be held shall be password protected. Emergency contact information shall be saved on Fundamentally FIT Ltd mobile devices for safety purposes. These are to be secured via a work profile which in the event of theft or loss can be wiped remotely from the handset.
2. We will protect your Personal Information through all reasonable security safeguards. We will act to minimise the possibility of theft, loss and unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

The Internet & Social Media
1. While Fundamentally FIT Ltd communicates with clients and prospects through multiple channels it is important to remember that we are unable to safeguard against loss through third parties. Please do not share personal details through messenger, email, Whatsapp or other third parties. Protection of Personal data this way is beyond our control, so please be aware that you do so at your own risk.
Our Website is secure and displays the SSL certification and padlock symbol. If you are unhappy sharing certain information this way, then please speak with us directly first.

Further Information
1. If you require a copy of our privacy policy then please write to the Data Processing Manager, Fundamentally FIT Ltd, 11 Russell Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 2JZ
2. The Fundamentally FIT Ltd Privacy Policy is always evolving to ensure we offer the highest level of protection and service to our customers and prospects. The Policy will remain on our website and will display the current amendments. You confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third parties for any changes to this Privacy Policy.
3. This Privacy Policy applies to individuals Personal Data and does not relate to companies that Fundamentally FIT Ltd deals with.
4. If you would like access to your Personal Data this can be done by writing to us at the above address. There is a nominal administration fee of £25.00 to cover our costs.
5. We aim to hold only accurate information and Personal Data. Should you become aware that the data we hold on you is incorrect then please notify us immediately so that we can amend this.

Safeguarding Your Privacy
1. In the event of the Managing Directors death then a approved supervisor will contact existing clients and archive the company files in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations

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