Are You Ready to Learn How to 
Eat More, Weight Less & Make Smarter, Healthier Food Choices? 
Are You Ready to Learn How to
Eat More, Weight Less & Make Smarter, Healthier Food Choices? 
Fundamentally FIT is the leading online nutrition education company for busy individuals looking to optimise their health, lose weight and create a winning relationship with food. 

We teach you everything needed to create a high performing diet that fits your lifestyle, enables you to have fun and finally reclaim your diet for good. 

Fundamentally FIT is the leading online nutrition education company for busy individuals looking to optimise their health, lose weight and create a winning relationship with food. 

We teach you everything needed to create a high performing diet that fits your lifestyle, enables you to have fun and finally reclaim your diet for good. 
The Principles of Success are Universal to All, but the Path You must walk is Unique to You Alone...
Random Action and Random Diets Never Deliver Long Term Happiness. 
We Teach our Clients How to Build A Long Term Diet Around their Current Lifestyle, not the Other Way Around. 
We Help Busy Parents & Struggling Professionals...
Most Parents and professionals struggle to balance their family commitments and busy work schedules, while still finding time to take care of their own diet. 

They feel the pressure to be a positive role model and leader, often feeling obliged to the needs of those around them first. Result: They end up sacrificing their health, relationships, and happiness.
Build a Happier Relationship with Food...
Successful clients don't sacrifice their health, or their other commitments. They work smarter, not harder. They adapt their routines and diet, making their success fit within their lifestyle rather than an external burden (insert you last diet plan here). 

Our clients understand that when their health, diet and fitness is an integral part of their life, then they have more drive at work, feel happier as a role model to their family and enjoy real quality time with their friends and loved ones. 
How it Works...
Proven Systems
It's time to stop guessing about your diet. Use our proven systems, tools and education to finally reclaim your Health

Access the Weight Loss Academy, the hub of our success tools, downloads and video education
A Personalised Approach
Understand your numbers, track your progress, and accelerate your success. We give you personalised calorie and macro nutrient recommendations based on your goals, work commitments and lifestyle.  
Group Support  
Alongside the support of your coach you will be welcomed into the Fundamentally FIT online community to share your journey. 
Expert Coaching
Professional and friendly coaching, personal accountability and over nine years experience of delivering results. Weekly and fortnightly coaching calls. 
Proven Track Record of Success
5 Day Challenge Participant 
George Lost Nine Stone...
Coach Andy has Done it Himself...
Change Starts Here...
Whether your not sure where to start, you're ready to learn one to one, or you thrive in a group environment. Fundamentally FIT has a program that will help you start your journey to a happier, healthier life. 
Free Five Day Challenge 
Take the Free Five Day Challenge. 

Enjoy an immersive week of group learning, Accountability and Success, sampling our coaching first hand.  
Best Suited To
Those looking to get started
Group Weight Loss Academy 
Our Comprehensive 12 Week Group Weight Loss Academy. 

A Powerful Combination of our Expert Nutrition Coaching, Group Support and Accountability. 

Best Suited To 
Those Who Love to Learn with Others
Personal Nutrition Coaching
For those seeking a fully immersive one to one coaching experience. 

Delve Deep into your Diet & Lifestyle with the very best of our Personalised Coaching & Support. 

Best Suited To:
Those Ready work closely with a professional.
Learning How to Reclaim Your Diet Has Never Been So Simple...
At Fundamentally FIT we have multiple ways for your to learn the skills needed to master your diet and Reclaim your Lifestyle. Learn on the go, in the community or face to face. 

Your Learning, Your Way. 
Web Based Learning & Education 
No matter the program you feel fits your needs we have a host of support material and video education at your finger tips. 

Accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Learn on your commute, in you lunch break or when grabbing a coffee. It has never been so easy to build towards your success. 
Success Tools & Course Material 
Everyone learns in different ways so we have designed a series of support materials alongside all of our video content. Often jumping much deeper into a topic, this will build to create you ultimate bible of success. 

While the power of learning can never been overlooked, we want to make sure you have what you need to move forward from day one. That's why we have a range of success tools including a Kick Start 28 Day meal Plan, a Free Healthy Habits Recipe Book, A wide range of recipe cards, Meal Planning Cheat Sheets and much, mucu more.
Winning Community & Coaching 
We all know that going solo is the hardest road to success and it can be a lonely path to walk. 

Whether you are supporting each other in our online Facebook community, attending one our Live educational webinars or delving deep into your own struggles with one of our coaches, we are with you every step of the way. 
The Fundamentally FIT Methodology 
Our Programs follow our tried and tested Reclaim Methodology, designed to help you break free of diets and Reclaim you health and happiness. 
The Reset phase is about taking stock of where you are in your health and diet and creating a clear path forward. 

We focus closely on your true motivations, where you want to be and your barriers to success. 

This is a time to be bold, clear out the old unhealthy foods and tackle bad habits head on. 

Structured meal planning is often  adopted in this phase to kick start your progress while we set your personalised calories and macro nutrients (carbs, fats & proteins).  Those doing Personal Coaching will complete their Dietary Analysis. 

Reset Aim: Hit the reset button, Build Confidence, Boost Energy
The Rebuild phase is specifically designed to jump into the very heart of solid nutrition education. Here, you will learn the Fundamental skills of success. 

From macro nutrient education, understanding what makes up a healthy balanced diet to learning the different ways we really burn our daily calories and how to maximise this to enhance your success. 

We debunk myths and misconceptions like is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? We explore how alcohol can impact sleep, stress and weight loss and we help you get to grips with portion sizes, planning & prepping alongside family life. 
Rebuild Aim: Learn Nutrition Fundamentals, Enhance Weight Loss
The Reclaim phase is where we get personal and drill down on the real areas holding you back. 

Often referred to as the leaky bucket, we look to plug the gaps in your lifestyle that have caused you to fail in the past. 

From developing critical thinking skills, understanding food marketing, coping with eating out and managing sleep and stress, this phase is critical to long term success. 

In Reclaim we also explore long term strategies to hit your goals and maintain them. From our modified intermittent fasting method to flexible dieting. We help you create a balanced diet that fits your lifestyle, giving you the tools to Reclaim you health, happiness and diet for good. 
Reclaim Aim: Develop Long Term Strategy to Hit Your Goals & Diet Freedom. 
Proven Track Record of Success
I was in a relatively unhappy place; stressed, over-weight, unfit and tired. I had a lot on in my life with a major family move to Surrey and a busy business.
As of February 2018, I am 1.5 stone lighter than I was 3 months ago, I am running (and enjoying it!) 3-4 times a week and I completed my first half marathon in almost 4 years
- Rob

The programme delivered results, which - as far as I can see - are long-lasting.

The personalised nutrition analysis gave me a good basis from where to start. I gained a much better understanding of the complexities of healthy nutrition and on the basis of that was able to make immediate changes to my diet, which, just as importantly, I was able to maintain when the programme came to an end. 

Based on this experience, I would recommend Andy of Fundamentally Fit to anyone, who is looking for professional guidance on fitness and nutrition. Thank you!

- Astrid McGechan

Not only did Andy use his expertise to focus on crafting a healthy balanced diet suited to me, he also focused on helping me create sustained energy release (a very unexpected and brilliant bonus!). 
It was a really enjoyable and informative process that gave me a very clear plan on how to blend fats, carbs and proteins based on what you like to eat to bring in a more healthy balance and energy into your world. I have shared everything I have learned with my whole family too, my wife was trilled!


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